While we’re on the subject of sheep, I have a guilty pleasure that lurks in the schedules of BBC Alba, the Gaelic language television channel. Neillydubh Animation have created a strange and surreal world located on an island somewhere off the west coast of Scotland. Never mind Twin Peaks, forget Wayward Pines - this is Fraochy Bay.

Over 59 four-minute installments we are introduced to island life, populated by incompetent policemen, sheep, opera singers, dinosaurs, sheep, mad inventors, sheep, vampires, sheep, poets, sheep, pirates and pirate sheep. They even manage to go into outer space. Each episode flies a wacky course to some of the most excruciating puns imaginable.

When the local pizza shop closes the resident pilots lose their delivery contract, but not to worry they can fly in giant letters to provide Hollywood-style advertising for a farm. They end up flying through the air with greatest of Es.

The Blob gets a bakery make over in one episode and in another those fiendish sheep steal a landing craft and maroon the skipper on a deserted island. When Ina and Jessie go camping they encounter a vampire, Frankenstien’s monster and Dracula threatening a valkyrie. What could be going on?


There are also lots of sight gags to pick out, little bits of business that occur in the background and sometimes pay off in later episodes.

And yes, it comes with handy sub-titles for us non-Gaelic speaking folk.