There’s something strange in the Westminster neighbourhood. It has been a weird week in British politics and last night BBC One’s political punditry programme This Week decided to milk it for all it is worth. Larry the Cat might be good with the meeces, but how does he handle the spooks?

Miranda Green of the Financial Times got suited-and-booted for a Ghostbusters-themed edition of the show. Did the Stay-Puft Man meet his Waterloo? She predicted that new PM Theresa May will sweep up all those Tory ghosts and put them somewhere safe - like in The Cabinet.

She wasn’t alone as Maggie’s Boy, Michael Portillo (mutant lovers take note, his middle name is Xavier) caught the fast train in to join the fun to declare himself a feminist. The former Secretary of State for Defense handled his proton beam with aplomb.


And Catatonia’s Cerys Matthews did her bit as well, dropping in for a chat on gender politics and glass ceilings in British life.

Along the way Andrew Neil (who used Norman Osborn’s barber in his Sunday Times days) managed to get in some gags about political leaders who refuse to die. Poet Michael Rosen reckoned Jeremy Corbyn will survive as much marshmallow goo as gets thrown at him.

This Week is on iPlayer, the opening titles are a Ghostbusters sequence and Miranda mines it further around the 20-minute mark.