Dan Dare has a catalogue of hi-fi sci-fi. The Pilot of the Future has inspired a reasonable body of music over the years, which might include David Bowie’s Space Oddity and Ashes to Ashes - in spirit anyway. It’s a bit of a mixed bag though from pseudo soundtracks through bubblegum pop to punk revolution.

Art of Noise provide an alien soundtrack for their Dan Dare. Perfect for Men From Nowhere.

The Wedding Present invoke a touch of adventure.

Elton John added lyrics to his tribute to Dan Dare (Pilot of the Future) Holy Cow!.

Of course, The Mekons were contractually bound to do a song called Dan Dare. Not sure what the Kathy Acker version was like?

Lots of Sympathy for The Mekons. Hi Mitch! They might yet get their revenge.

Loose Talk beat Queen to become Tony Blackburn’s Record of the Week with Dan Dare. It was their first single. The new Eagle was pushing the adventures of Dan Dare Junior at the time.

David Bowie’ DJ caught Dan Dare laying down.

Syd Barrett got his stairway scare from Dan Dare in Astro Domine.


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