They might be talking Klingon in Cardiff, but a Scottish MP sought to bring the wisdom of the Kirk to a Westminster debate on the UK space industry. As representative for Central Ayrshire Philippa Whitford is championing plans for a new space port to be built in Scotland.

While addressing the House of Commons she read out a statement from Captain Kirk himself, Bill Shatner:

“Space is one of the last known frontiers, mostly untouched by mankind and his politics. In opening a debate on this subject, it is is my hope that you take the tenets of Star Trek’s prime directive to universally and peacefully share in the exploration of it. I wish you all a wonderful debate. My best, Bill.”

And she closed her address with a Vulcan salute and a wish to that the relevant Minister would allow the UK space industry to live long and prosper.…

Six sites have been identified in the UK as potential space ports. Four of them, including Prestwick in Whitford’s constituency are in Scotland, one in England, one in Wales. Support for the Scottish lobby also came from another Trek veteran, George Takei:


No word if John Redwood was in the House for the debate:)