Lots of Socks (or Odd Socks Day) for World Down’s Syndrome Day kicks off an awareness week running March 20-26. The aim is to create a global voice for advocating rights, inclusion and well-being of people with Down’s Syndrome.

Discrimination in various guises is the target of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Harmony Day in Australia, Human Rights Day in South Africa, and National Common Courtesy Day in the USA.

The environment comes under scrutiny with the United Nations General Assembly observing the International Day of Forests. This year has a theme of Forests and Water, taking heed of how forests are important to the supply of freshwater. That water might be a problem for the drought stricken farmers behind National California Strawberry Day. Fruit might provide a nice aroma for National Fragrance Day, but you can’t beat that fresh bakery smell, which is just as well on National French Bread Day.

The Equinox still adds tone to some activities, such as International Colour Day, noting that visual perception shapes our view of the world. It is also the Equinox of the Gods, for those of a Thelemic persuasion.


UNESCO is celebrating World Poetry Day (while everyone else will mark it in October with a tip of the hat to Virgil). That’s the way to do it! At least it is for World Puppetry Day, a no-strings attached celebration of puppet arts, great and small.

Sock puppets anyone?