Fancy becoming a farmer on the Rivera of Wales? No, there aren’t really any sea serpents there, it’s just that the headland is kind of wriggly.

The National Trust are offering a million-pound farm in Wales for an annual rent of ÂŁ1 - they are even including a flock of sheep. The 140-acre site on the Llududno headland, The Great Orme (which takes its name from the Viking word for sea serpent) needs a hardy fellow to mix conservation and agriculture to stave off erosion and that modern curse, the golf course.

The farm, Y Parc, includes grazing rights to 720 acres of the headland, takes in rare habitats and several unique species. The prospective tenant will be expected to shepherd his flock to encourage regeneration in some areas and protect wildlife and rare plants.

The new farmer will also have to be enthusiastic about tourists visiting the area and dealing with partners of the National Trust.