March 18 is The Anniversary of The Oil Expropriation in Mexico, celebrating the day in 1938 when the President, General Lazaro Cardenas, declared all oil and mineral reserves found in Mexican soil were the property of the state.

Over the border, the USA has National Biodiesel Day, marking the birthday of Rudolf Diesel who built the first diesel engine. Born in 1858 in France, he was a German inventor who set about improving steam engines, or “converting heat into work.” An early engine using ammonia vapour exploded nearly killing him.

He was interested in using coal dust and vegetable oil as fuel. Experiments lead him to devise a “compression-ignition” engine, fuel was injected at the end of compression and ignited by the high temperature resulting from that compression. His initial engine ran on peanut oil.

Mystery surrounds Diesel’s death after he vanished while travelling on a steamer from Antwerp to London in 1913. His wife received a bag with 200,000 marks and documents indicating their accounts were nearly empty. Speculation veered between suicide and murder committed by military interests.

It is also National Supreme Sacrifice Day, meant to honour those who have made great sacrifices for the good of others in all walks of life. But do you reward them with National Sloppy Joe’s Day or National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day?


It’s National Skipping Day in the UK and Gallipoli Memorial Day in Turkey.

I was going to joke about today being Daredevil Day but the Twitterrati are making it a thing come real with all sorts of Murdock related chatter. No spoilers but that bit at the end of the first episode looks painful. Consider that my contribution to National Awkward Moments Day.