August 13 is International Lefthanders Day which asks the population at large to consider the plight of southpaws. Around ten per cent of the world’s population is left handed whereas many tools and everyday objects presume the user will be right handed.

My Grandma used to recall her schoolteacher was so adamant in maintaining a right-handed norm that anyone writing with their left hand would receive a whack across the knuckles with a ruler. Did this kind of behaviour discourage leanings towards the left handed path or prevent schizophrenia? I doubt it.

Apparently many left handed people share a genetic abnormality with a condition called situs inversus where major organs develop in mirror positions. For example, the heart would be on the right rather than the left.

The geneticist behind the study that revealed that anomaly speculates an evolutionary advantage to being right handed. Others have posited a historic genocide as the cause of the imbalanced ratio between left and right-handers.

Cultural and religious prejudices also stigmatise lefties as being evil or untrustworthy.


Anyway, today is also National Bowling Day, so you could try playing left-handed or you could raise a glass of fizzy white wine for National Prosecco Day. Just don’t drink too much, it is in short supply.