Sunday morning television today had an unexpected gem in Lego DC Superheroes: Batman Beleaguered. Gotham’s Dark Knight declines Superman’s invitation to join the new Justice League until fate takes a hand. When Bats met up with Cyborg something looked terribly familiar. At least part of him did, the cybernetic side of his head.

It strikes me that the former Titan has been indulging in a spot of recycling, or at least shopping at the same branch of Maplins. Then I got to thinking, I haven’t seen Robot Archie in many a year, never seen him in the same room as Cyborg. So did Archie give up his head willingly? Is it just a Worzel Gummidge like spare that he can do without? Did Cyborg do away with our amiable AI to get at his circuits? If it’s foul play, what did Cyborg do with Ted and Ken?

I think we should be told. And while we’re at it, I wouldn’t say no to a Lego Archie either.