There is an old joke about a Scottish Indian, Hawkeye The Noo, which came to mind when I saw this BBC report on media influences on names for new born children. Marvel movies, Game of Thrones, and The Voice all seem to have influenced choices in a list of baby names published by National Records of Scotland.

It seems a generation of Thors, Lokis, Jon Snows and Palomas have burst upon the Highlands. Actually, it is six Lokis to one Thor, so we might need to be alert for Tobermory tricksters in the future.

There are three girls named Khaleesi, which could be drawing on another culture, but there are also 79 named Emilia.

There were 13 Leias, 167 Harrisons and 140 Lukes born last year. Which reminded me, a few years back on a bus in England a group of schoolgirls were doing what teenage girls do. Suddenly, an exasperated voice snapped “Oh Leia! You can be such a princess sometimes!”