There are a couple of cult gems from the vaults of Auntie Beeb coming up on BBC Radio 4 Extra (with the inevitable catch up on iPlayer if you are further afield). Both are trilogies if you don’t count the extra parts.

Jumping to the end of the month, the original 1978 Hitchhiker’s Galaxy to the Galaxy gets dusted off for a new airing. The first episode is on next Sunday at 18:30, part of a fantasy double bill with The Price of Fear (Vincent Price with eldritch elocution and macabre mystery). This is where Douglas Adams’ magnum opus of intergalactic inadequacy began, with the demolition of a certain habitat. The world would never be the same again. Oh, wait ...

While we’re waiting, tomorrow sees the beginning of an opportunity to get reacquainted with the crew of the Starship Challenger in Earthsearch II. It’s the middle part of a trilogy written by James Follett (though I think it has been revisited and and has a couple of Big Finish add-ons making trilogy an increasingly inaccurate description).


The original Eighties series introduced the surviving crew of a ten-mile long survey ship. The generational vessel is looking for a world to colonise, but the mission has been compromised by a meteor strike. They would return home but Earth has been moved to a new location. The survivors have had their puberty suppressed, so they have bit of growing up to do which might not suit the plans of two on-board computers with their own agendas.

The second series picks up with some of the crew having settled on an Earth-like planet. Their colony is finding life hard going and that strain is complicated when a new object begins to orbit their world.

Ten episodes will be broadcast over the next fortnight at 18:00.