Mead, the medieval honeyed wine, has been enjoying a Game of Thrones* influenced surge in popularity but it could also have a future as a palliative for the effects of late night kebabs and other takeaways.

Boffins at Cardiff University’s Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals are aiming to ferment a “super-mead” with salmonella killing herbs. It is modeled on a 16th century Welsh drink called metheglin. There are a few recipes out there on the internet for making your own metheglin.

The Cardiff crew are also looking at using hops to stave off bovine tuberculosis and to curb methane emissions from cows.

(There’s a sequence in one of the Song of Ice and Fire books where a big deal is made out of Lord Tywin (or Bolton) drinking hippocras while his men drink mulled wine. There is almost an implication that he’s drinking the good stuff, the men less so, but a little voice is screaming inside me, it’s the same bloody drink.)